Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sometimes life tells you that all people are not meant to be together. And you fight it, knowing you can't change a thing. But life doesn't change, you can't fight people to be with you.

And it is all right because nothings permanent, there'll always be people coming and leaving from your life, there can't be parallel routes forever. Hopefully with time you begin to live without them, picture life without them, but it is most difficult when you can't shut them away from your life. You know they exist and you still can't do a thing about it. Sometimes I feel like I am the worst person in this world, I could be, who knows. But then when you have to explain yourself to people who have been with you forever, it is so not worth it. Probably people who want will stay.

 I am going to let go of some people today.  I hope I'll not be hurting like I am today after sometime, I hope this is just a bad day, and I hope more won't come. I wish people could let go of grudges and be together.. just plain happy, without being philosophical and diplomatic about it. But until then, I am just wishing for a better day.

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