Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Being kind

I chanced upon watching this movie the other day called 'That's what I Am' , it had mostly to do with bullying and tolerance in schools, but what caught in my head was this quote which makes this school teacher win a flashy car in a contest for a '25 or less words' solution to world peace. He said "Human dignity + compassion = peace". How true is that!

The natural tendency of a child is to be happy, smile and be kind. Where then do we learn to be sad and frown and be mean? Somewhere along the way, the world gets to us, bad experiences, sad thoughts and generally some mean people around make us a mean person. I have often had instances when I have wanted to hit some people outright for being mean, and I have in certain instances listened to my impulse and let it lead me but I will always feel guilty for those times. Not guilt perhaps, because you don't learn unless you make mistakes, but perhaps disappointment on succumbing to the pressure.

Far far less times , I have been able to hold myself back and smile at them. When you do that, you see them in a different light. You don't feel above them, you just start to love them for being different people. We do not live in a perfect world but being kind to each other can probably help. Its true you never forget people who mock at you without reason but its also true that nobody wants to be remembered as that person. So why even try? And what good is a great wardrobe, money or charity when you can't be nice to people around you, because often, you don't even have to 'find time' to do that.

The easiest thing to do is to smile and it beats me why people don't do it enough. Like not smiling makes them elite?? A smile can turn around somebody's day and yours. Lets do it more often, and not only for the camera! And be kind because its easy! :)

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