Monday, August 29, 2011


Lots of times when people dont like you or are rude, you wonder if there is anything actually wrong with you. That is a natural thing to do. But then when you try and try and it doesn't work , and when you see the other person has no friends, you realize that you aren't the one to blame. Its just pure bad luck that they have to deal with you and you have to deal with them. I guess fighting it out doesn't work. You can't make anyone like you, especially people who harbor grudges for apparently no reason, especially not people who love to see you restless and confused. Who have basically no idea why they do that too.

I hate the sort of people who just call up one day and are all lovey dovey to you and the next time when you call, for no reason just behave rudely. You need to stick to one thing. You can't be rude and expect me to be to be nice to you later. There has to be an apology and well.. there are limits you can't cross in any relationship.

Abuse is not pardonable.. never. This message is especially for one person.. the next time you want to be rude you remember who you're dealing with. I wish I was crazy like you and could say the things you say so easily, but I have my dignity. And that is far more important than winning a lame fight. Don't mistake silence for weakness, its only the respect that I'm giving to our relationship which will stay whether you like it or not. Stop testing my patience. Don't say I didn't warn you ! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Dedication

Rude words dont bog me down dear
they only make me stronger...
and because you say them without thinking
they only make you guilty.
I dont live in a world of glass
that you can shatter with a swish
it'll take more than that.. much more
because my world is built on my dreams.
I dont live in pretence nor denial
my pity to those who do..
Why would you push me down so hard
if you could stand up on your own??
There are all your answers
and there will be no more.. none !