Wednesday, March 25, 2009

x = y

I am at a stage of life when I think I understand relationships. Or at least at a stage when I can talk about them. At 23 you are supposed to have that much of intellectuality at least. So what I’m talking about here is my theory of relationships... Be it lovers, friends, relatives, colleagues... the x=y theory holds true in most cases.

So what is x=y? x is you. y is the person concerned in the relationship(I’m assuming we have two people in the scene) . So now what is the secret behind a successful relationship? Love, trust, faith, respect and all that. Well you can go and on. But most importantly it’s the expectations you set with each other. When your expectations are not at par with y the equation fails thus becoming a liability or a formality henceforth. Whether its x+3(you are expecting too much), y+3(he/she is expecting too much), x-3(you are not bothered) or y-3(he/she is not bothered), it becomes a flop.

The mantra to a successful equation is setting your priorities right and making your expectations clear. When you have done that and you are ok with what is expected of you and what he/she is ready to give, it works wonders for any relationship. So when you start realizing that someone is not getting their priorities right or is expecting too much of you, don’t run away, it hurts the person concerned and you as well, clear it out, have a chat. Silence never helps a relationship. An honest conversation does. And it makes you a good person inside and outside.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Its raining!!!

Its finally raining!!! The sky was dark since noon... but the sudden pour was still as always unexpected.. The weather forecast had predicted a rain before Sunday.. Yet expected or unexpected rains are the best gift of God. And this time it will wash away a lot of unwanted bad memories and so I waltz to beautiful days ahead. Can't wait to finish my work and rush out!!
Time to put the words to action!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tagged :)

Hmm… so I have bored you people enough with my rants about me and I'm actually sick of talking about myself but because sawan happens to be a dear friend (I have been tagged ) and well if you already don't know me, I'll elaborate.

25 things about ME:

1 I’m a free spirit. I don’t want to be pulled back, held back under no circumstances whatsoever.

2 I‘m extremely sensitive to cultures and religions. I do not appreciate people making a mockery of things like that. Somehow I believe that is part of being civilized.

3 I love to read. It is something I can do night or day, whatever situation I might possibly be in. I love Classics, but I do read all other stuff too.

4 I love shopping. I know that’s extremely typical of being a gal, but that ‘let go’ of your own hard earned money gives you the sort of satisfaction and independence that a million other things can’t. It is actually the emotion here that counts, not the stuff you buy.

5 I love dance. I’m trained classically, but I’m trying to understand the other forms of expression of the same... Hip hop, jazz and so on.

6 I hate music. I cannot listen to more than two songs at a stretch. My head aches terribly if I try. Although it doesn’t happen when I’m dancing. It is sort of weird.

7 I hate crowds, gatherings, parties. I hate meeting new people at such dos and smiling at them irrelevantly. I love spending time alone or with a group of people who matter.

8 I love being creative. Stitching, silly crafts, pot painting etc. I do all kind of silly and messy things but I love that. It seems like some time was used usefully.

9 My favorite song is ’I will follow you into the Dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie.

10 My favorite book is ‘Mill on the Floss’ by George Eliot.

11 I love shahi paneer, paneer tikka, beef and prawns. I hate rice.

12 The motto of my life is ‘Live and Let Live’. This equates to stop bothering about the rest of the world and living your life your way.

13 I believe in God. It is just that I don’t believe that he exists in a million forms. He is a positive presence and he is everywhere.

14 I believe in ghosts and devils too. Obviously if there is a positive energy, there is a negative one too. And I believe in bad omens as well, but I’m not harmfully (to others) superstitious. I love reading astrological predictions althought I do not believe that is 10 on 10 right.

15 I love to write. When I put my thoughts down on paper, the thoughts become more organized inside me and the response is instant and more heartfelt than in a conversation for me.

16 I’m open to criticism but in a positive manner.

17 I don’t like people advising me. I somehow feel nobody is really at a position to be able to advise another human being. Obviously everyone has shortcomings in one situation or the other. Advising should be a guidance based on experience not pushing your thoughts on someone. And in my case that never happens, it is always my final call.

18 I believe in fighting for my rights and for justice. If someone pushes me down, I show them that they can’t and push them back. Obviously they are not better off than me.

19 I appreciate talent. I adore people who believe in themselves and who can bring change to a larger stratum of the society. I wish to be able to do that some day.

20 I love movies. I’m an extreme movie buff. I watch Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English movies. There is so much talent in the Industry. It is amazing.

21 I love being silent and alone. Staring out at the street. Watching the trees, the birds, and people. There is a story behind everything in the world, every object, every being and that thought is so fulfilling.

22 I’m passionate about stuff I do. My work or anything else there is that I'm involved in.

23 I’m impatient and restless. I believe in improvising, growing, changing. That’s life for me.

24 I get turned off by people easily. When they talk about problems, money, crack baseless poor jokes, nag you constantly, exhibit chauvinism. I can take this once in a while, but overexposure to the same kills my respect for the person. I simply grow out of them and believe me, it’s not my fault.

25 I want to fall in love forever, be able to love forever and be loved forever. God bless me!

Don't know if this helped you know me better :P Hopefully it did.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Things

A warm bath
A beautiful book
A letter of love
A hot cup of tea
An unexpected gift
A child’s eyes
A friend’s shoulder
A mother’s love
A rainy day
A rose in your garden
A look of appreciation
A faint smile
A bustling colorful road
A collection of old snaps
A touching song
A phone call from a long lost friend
Life’s sweet things cost nothing …
Just time and a small thought to let go and revel
For life is worth living