Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Things

A warm bath
A beautiful book
A letter of love
A hot cup of tea
An unexpected gift
A child’s eyes
A friend’s shoulder
A mother’s love
A rainy day
A rose in your garden
A look of appreciation
A faint smile
A bustling colorful road
A collection of old snaps
A touching song
A phone call from a long lost friend
Life’s sweet things cost nothing …
Just time and a small thought to let go and revel
For life is worth living


rahul said...
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rahul said...

Sweet things are always sweet...
no matter how long u sweat...

Salt is always salty...
no matter how long you weep...

bondgal_rulz said...


sawan said...

a drive with a friend,
dinner together,
a movie at a friends place,
the moments spent with each other,
some words exchanged,
the aura of the air felt,
the feel of togetherness,
promise made to meet again,
life’s sweet things indeed cost nothing,
ive felt that in less than six hours!

athi said...

:) nicely put sawan

workhard said...

Oh thats sweet will return to read more stuff...