Monday, June 1, 2009

Ever after

Classic love stories would end more often with ‘And they loved happily ever after’. Modern love stories chip in reality with love and give you ‘And he lived happily ever after with his true love’, more often the other woman, not the wife. Well but the question really is ‘Is there really an ever after?’ Is something possible forever?

Change, we know is the very flavor of life. With change we learn, we grow. A closed bud knows not the perils that future beholds. It is but necessary to open up, blossom and wither away. Then why should love be forever?

Haven’t you wondered is it possible for a Landon to love a Jamie with the fervor he did (A Walk to Remember)? Is there a kiss that bonds you forever, like the kiss between Noah and Allie (The Notebook)?

Often every relationship starts beautifully, the sort of love that ‘Mills and Boons’, movies and fairytales infuses us to believe will last forever. However that seldom happens in real life. Most first relationships don’t last, mostly because you are too young to be strapped down then and no one is then ready to realize how much one has to give to the relationship to make it work, more often they don’t take the effort to make it happen.

I’m not talking about virtual relationships, where one assumes to be in a relationship with another. I’m also not talking about two timing and all those other complex forms of relationships that exist between people. Those sorts are too hard to be dissected on this page now, maybe at a later time when my head is more muddled up than now, I’ll write about it.

I’m talking about a relationship where a man and a woman realize and are fully aware that there is something brewing and are mature enough to accept it and allow it to grow. The tide washes in when you expect it to live forever. But expectations cannot be put aside, nor can hope for an ‘ever after’, the sole thread which ties us to a sane life. It is intelligent however, to expect for an immediate tomorrow and not an ever after. Love doesn’t really have to be forever. And that is good because you shouldn’t cling on to something when it becomes meaningless.

Allow yourself to be painted red and white alternately and allow those drops of green, black and yellow to wash over you at times. Let life take you, do not drive life. Sometimes however, it becomes necessary, I agree, to take control and set things right, but do not continuously drive it down the smooth concrete road you have built ahead. You will definitely be in for a heart break! Let go!

'Ever after' love is the sort of love that can change from lust to love to longing to need to habit to a hope for ‘ever after’ and can switch forms back and forth. Love is undying, it just changes its meaning now and then. Deal with it and have a great life ever after ! :P