Thursday, May 13, 2010

A small hello !

I was wondering for a while why I wasn't writing , my husband inquired too. Yes, I got married on Feb 7. And had the loveliest honeymoon in Srilanka. :) That I will write about later.

Well really, I guess when you have someone to talk to and vent out all your frustrations against, there is little reason why you would crib in writing. I'm getting used to this change in my life.

For all the people who aren't married yet, folks.. you are in for such a surprise. Mine has definitely taken an entire 180 degree turn. And for most people I think that holds. Trust me on this, you can live in , you can have a relationship for 10 years together and then marry but you will still be shocked. For the basic reason that someone questions you, bugs you and cares for you every minute. And you can never ever know the true self of another person until you are actually married. So I can totally understand now why some marriages work and some don't.

The good thing is I can now officially call myself a pretty decent cook. And I also don't really hate the US, like I thought I would. Its pretty copeable here.

I was just dropping in to say a hello. I'm gonna come back later and write more.


My spell check says 'copeable' spelling is incorrect. Does anyone know whether the word does really exist?

OMG! I just realized that this is my only post in this year. I must have been hibernating. I'm definitely gonna write more often now.