Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Are we born good or bad? I don’t really think so. We are all born with absolutely no affection, no hatred, completely neutral and oblivious to everything around us. Then we feel love and affection from our parents and near and dear ones (the lucky ones amongst us) and begin to believe that there is all that there is to the world, love, happiness. But one fine day, we lose it all, to some careless, unknowing, intentionally or unintentionally selfish person, and we are taken aback, feeling stupid at our ignorance. A couple of such instances then firmly cement our belief that the world is evil, bad and superficial. Probably all that is true, but we do forget in the process about the love that we are showered with from people around us, we begin to doubt every love, considering it selfish.

No love is unconditional, probably every love is selfish, you always love somebody wanting them to love you back. But then love is love, whether selfish or not, we must thank our destiny for all the love we receive, a smile, a hug, a handshake, a compliment, whatever, because these small signs of respect are instances of love. Thank yourself for love and give it to people irrespective of their attitude towards love.