Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Real world?

Why is it so important to look good in a picture, to look thin, fair, stylish, a superstar? Especially when its 2D and it can't fathom what person you are, what you think, and how you really live.
Why do we give so much importance on looking good for the whole world. Why is there that underlying competition about being a Greek God or this hot babe. Why has a good day become directly proportional to a hundred likes on a random picture on Facebook.

An uncle, a family friend was telling me few days back 'You know nowadays you can't just look at pictures and go see a girl for arranged marriages, they don't look anywhere close to what they actually look like in real, the world has become so fake.' It's so true, we all want to look like film stars! I am glad I escaped the ill-effects of this fad, and wasn't disappointed when I met my husband. :)

I wonder why life has become about posing and pouting for the camera, and why camera has really become such a big deal. Its like every other person you meet claims to be a photographer...duh?? Like all other hobbies in this universe have suddenly vanished. I never had a dslr probably because I still don't get it, why do I have to be either a great photographer or photogenic, at least as long as it's not my profession. Well but peer pressure caves in on everybody I guess. Probably if I was some model I would think differently, but now.. here I don't see how the quality of my photograph is going to change my life.

Capturing a moment, mobile cams can do that much better, at least if the point is not about having this great picture, but really the moment. And I don't think you are going to run and find a dslr when you propose to your lover and he/she accepts, when you whisper to each other during your wedding, when you tease your friends over a reunion, when your baby talks for the first time, those beautiful moments nothing can capture but your heart. I always tell my husband, I wish we didn't have any photographers at our wedding, only because I don't want to get married to be seen or captured by some photographers, but I want to share that moment with people who truly love me, but sadly I'm not sure how many people at my wedding even saw me getting married!! I know for sure that in my life the best moments no camera has captured, I can only share those thoughts with somebody, cannot share a picture for proof.

A friend was telling me recently a little depressed, 'Wow, you know people have such interesting lives, so many events,they are always putting pictures on fb, it's like I have nothing to do.' And it suddenly hit me what this could be doing to the many people who don't share their lives in public. I told him' Don't let anyone make you feel you have an uninteresting life.. Some people talk about stuff they do, probably much more than they actually do, some don't but trust me every person's life in this world is equally interesting and unique. I am glad you are not in this club'

I remember how a few years back, we would genuinely have much more fun and pretend much less. How people were content in their closely guarded lives, how we weren't a slave to being liked by everybody or the attention.I hope that time comes back. Where your number of friends on Facebook doesn't make you more liked, number of followers on twitter doesn't make you some idol, and LinkedIn contacts don't make you a reliable employee, employer.
 I hope this world becomes more real, because honestly I would rather have an interesting life in real than one for the camera(defined public), and I would rather be liked or hated for my qualities than be judged on how some camera makes me look. Lets toast to the real world!

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