Thursday, September 25, 2008

the ship

I had a ship
when I was seven
It was wooden and yellow
with a mast and a white breezy sail
I would play with it everyday
dream that I would own one someday
a ship that would take me to places I had read about in books
I would find treasure in a lonely island
or maybe I would shipwreck and join the pirates
or better still live on the island and not have to go to school
like Tom and Huckleberry Finn
no homework and no cleaning up
just me on a beautiful island
I would eat coconuts and fish
and I would stock up food for the winters
and make a woodhouse on a tall tree
Wow what a life!
Some days back I found it again
lying in the storeroom
buried deep inside my toys
and then I dreamt the dream all over again
but this time I wasn't alone
I was with my love
The ship was now a yacht
and the island had people and shops
the woodhouse was a villa
and I would clean up and cook
I would wait for him to return from work
and then we would sit together and look
at each other
at dreams in those eyes
And then I would see the ship again longing to be shipwrecked on a lonely island..
longing to be alone together..
the dream never did stop


sawan said...

i read it almost 8 times now!
even .net cudn take away ur creativity.. :-)
u r a genius babey.. keep posting..

athi said...

:D flattered

siva said...

Jus w8in 4 d next episode of THE SHIP...awesum...truly gr8

Umesh said...

Awesome dear ... a night out in office hasn't gone waste !! I can't rem'ber myself glued to reading something for quite so long.

And tnx for tis wonderful blog. Keep the gud work goin.