Monday, August 17, 2009

I do?

An attempt at 55 word fiction which became 67 words :P. But once I wrote it, I couldn’t edit it. Somehow feel that when you edit and re-edit your work, it loses its flavor. Thanks Sawan for introducing me to the concept. A whole new world opened up. I think it’s amazing how you can write so much in so less.

She stood at the altar in deep thought. The priest’s voice boomed again in the church, now pregnant with its silence. ‘Do you promise?’

Could she trust anyone again?

Reflection from a cracked glass window shone on her face and she looked away blinking… distracted. Turning to the man who stood with her, she said ‘I do’. He smiled knowingly and the whole world fell into place.


sawan said...

good one yaar. next time make it 55 okies?? come up with one sooooon.. m waiting!

Anonymous said...
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rebel said...

i love you ???

i made it out of 3 8)

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ! good one though!! :) initially i felt like reading an extract from Dan Brown!! seeing the word - altar etc..