Tuesday, July 22, 2008


'We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature,so is all nature in love mortal in folly' Shakespeare ,d true romantic in As you like it.

Few acknowledge love, like Ajay who wudnt n cudnt stop lovin...as if his life depended on it. Der ws a problm tho. He loved evry gal. 'I havnt dumpd a gal in my entire life. Can u blive it? Poor me.' Yes he s being rly honest u ppl.D gals dumpd him, evrytime ,wen dey wud find out bot d odrs .N den der ws Deep who had Cupid's arrow permanently stuk thru his heart. Bt he ws d innocent,loved only one gal at a time. D gals always dumpd him. Y? Bcos he ws too nice. N too predictable. Roy loved trees,birds and animals. N cudnt bear d sight of one being exploited. Weird ideas, bt wel dats love too.Sana loved d guy nxt door. She cudnt stop tinkin bot him altho he ws goin out wid anodr gal.She wud spend days n nights cryin silent tears. Hemant ws hopelessly in love wid his math lecturer. It strtd wid a smal crush..bt nw he ws obsessd n she ws gtin married.Love hurts many.Love makes u do silly things.Bt love s love.Der s nodin even remotely lik it.My heart goes out to dose poor souls whose lives hav been constantly eluded of love.

Sum r consumed by crushes or if u happen to b somewhat 'cool' evn affairs in school. Bt college s wher d real romance begins. Wid d entry of freshers evry year,begins d love affairs dat wud rule d college gossip charts for d next four yrs , in rare cases love dat lasts a lifetime.D guys gang hangs outside d college gates often sittin or leanin on deir priced bikes wid pride,chests swelled in anticipation of al d gals to b joinin college dat day.D gals often nervous bt pretendin indifference,begin d painstaking task of walking thru dose closely guarded gates.Sometimes wid sucess, bt wen sum silly guys begin deir morning raga wid 'Tu cheez badi hai mast mast ...' types it bcomes humanely impossible for ne poor gal to supress herself. Containing her laugh, wen she smiles, hearts bloom.Thus paving d way for a one-sided romance wich wid constant hits n misses , for sum lucky few grows into real love, very often limited by time constraints.Sum however r happy indulgin in d war of eyes.Relaxing in d canteen, pretendin to b talking to a circle of friends wen eyes r forevr in a battle of words,furtive glances on d corridors...true, dese times r priceless.For some love begins n ends conveniently wid d excursions. Hang out, have fun n den well,forget, move on.N yes, create gossip.Bt oders revel in keeping deir secrets locked safely in deir hearts forever, often fazed by peer-ridicule,more often by fear of rejection.Dese locks r seldom broken aftr years by inquisitive spouses or curious children.

Bt poor r dose who nevr fall in love- in experiences,emotions n definitely adventure.In most Indian families, falling in love n choosin ur spouse by urself, is still a nightmare for d parents. So most obedient children avoid d less traveled path.Also d frend circle often puts a full stop to love. Or dey simply buckle under d academic n professional pressure n give up d easiest ting to giv up, love. Well, its quite late in deir lives dat dese poor guys realise wat dey had bin missin on. Some quite as soon as dey realise it, put an end to singleness. Oders wander around theatres,pubs,discs n d desperate evn at supermarkets to find deir special ones.Sometimes dey strike gold. Some simply grow old and by dis time, al d gud ones r taken. Dey wait for deir parents to find d right match, its only wen dey go spouse hunting dat dey realise d harsh reality of limited choices. Der had been so many varieties to pick from in college. Wat d hell ws i doing den?Perhaps i shud hav just lukd once at dat gal who kept eyein me in class. Or perhaps i shud hav askd out dat gorgeous projectmate.Hmm... too late bud. So if u hapen to b readin dis blog n realise bfor its too late...go fall in love. Dun plan to find nebody bt if u do,dun look away. If not d prize, d experience s definitely worth it.