Tuesday, July 8, 2008

d meetin

tws a hot evenin in d city. he ws waitin. der ws a traffic block.many shops had been demolished cos dey wer growin onto d road eatin up d already narrow city road.she must be stuk sumwer in d block he thot becomin impatient by d minute.

she ws in a hurry runnin down d staircase feelin guilty takin two stairs at a time.der had bin a fight at home.ma had sed lets go to d hospital bt she ws late.. der ws no way she cud keep him waitin any longer.d pain ws unbearable bt she had to go.

dey wer meetin for d first time. der had bin long intimate conversations on d fone. she had cin him frm far at a concert recently. he ws dancin away to d music. she wantd to hold him.der ws sumtin very pullin bot him.bt he ws btw his frnz. she cudnt talk to him. she jus gazed longinly.

nw ws d time she had bin waitin for, d meetin. she caught an auto. he ws calin. she din knoe wot to say.7 misd cals. finaly she cald him bak n sed m stuk in d block jus comin. he sed waitin s a gr8 feelin.. she kept mum. d auto halted at d busstop. she climbed out n cald him agin. der ws an array of buses . she cudnt c d odr side of d road. tws getin dark. den she saw him. she ran acros d road. he din seem angry.she ws releivd.dey smiled. wot hapnd he enquired. i fell down d stairs while runin to c u. he smiled agin. killer smile. d theatr mus b full nw he sed. v ll go chek neways. he tuk his bike.she sat behind him.tws nly bot 30 metres to d theatr.der wer a lot of vehicles parkd outside bt not a person to b seen. t had bin 45 mins since d show strtd. d gate ws closed. he parkd his bike. she waited. his stride evn dat ws sexy.he cald out to a man inside. he sed show strtd long bak u can go. v hav tickts he sed. gate opened. try goin up n talk to d man der. he mite let u in. he lukd at d watch den at her. wot do v do? can v go sumwer els? wot time do u hav to get bak? 9 9.30 she mumbled. lets go sum odr place. dey strtd walkin out. den she caught him by d hand. wer to? he din knoe eidr. lets go bak n try gtin inside she sed. dey ran bak. d man upstairs sed wait i ll b bak. he tuk d tickts. finaly dey entrd d balcony. der wer a lot of vacnt seats. he walkd to d back seats. she went in first. he sat next to her. d last line ws almost empty. tws cool. dark. romantic.purrfect.his hand ws touchin hers. his leg ws grazin hers.tws lik a dream. dey talkd.she din hear most of d tings...lost in d flin of bein wid him. his face lukd so cute. she wantd to touch him. crosd her hands to keep in control.can v forget evrytin n start anew? he askd. she sed yes. she held his hand for a minute promisin bt tuk bak immediately scard to hold a minute longer.she ws struglin to keep in senses. d effect of him near to her ws lik a drug sendin her to a high she nevr knew xisted. hw can i b so crazy? she wondred.
for almost 15 minutes she kept lukin at d screen knowin d movie ws gona end....decidin wedr to ask him to hold him or jus hold him lik dat. wudnt dat b weird? she din knoe. she kept thinkin. d movie ws over. he cald lets go.

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