Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really really upset :(

There's nothing more upsetting in this world than feeling cheated... and especially when all you wanted to do was bring a smile on a 4 year old's face.

8 June 11.14 am EDT: On 11 June my niece Jiya was turning 4 and I thought why not send her a cake.

8 June 2.10 pm EDT: An innocent poor me logs onto a nice looking pretty website called and selects a cake, a teddy and 5 balloons. Your order is now done, the webiste claims. Please proceed to make the payment.

8 June 2.14 pm EDT: I use my internet banking option to make the payment and smile as I get a prompt reply from ccavenue and the website 'Your order has been approved and will be delivered on your specified date.'

11 June 8.00 am EDT: My telephone bell rings. 'Athi, they didn't get any cake.' My ma is yelling me awake. Really, you shouldn't tell your mothers anything in advance. Its more difficult consoling them than anyone else. I tell her to calm down. I call them, after many calls they pick up and say they say they are going to ship it next day since they don't have an agent in Palakkad. Whatever I say, do it tomorrow.

12 June 8.30 am EDT: 'Athi, they still haven't got any cake.' 'OK ma, I can't create any cake, let me see what to do. Pls relax.' I call the only customer care number on their site 9230721098. No answer. I put a hate mail, which was a less hate mail, almost beg mail.

13 June 1.30 am EDT: I finally get a reply to my mail, saying they can't deliver since address is very far and they need more money to deliver there. Very well.. I call them. They pick up !!! Wow. Then they say Mam please cancel your order, We will refund. I'm not convinced. Something has been telling me these guys aren't right.

13 June 2.00am EDT: I simpy google ' complaints' and what do I find. Just what I feared.. a FRAUD website.

Disheartened and upset, I write a hate-beg mail again to cancel my order and refund my amount. I get a mail saying they will refund in 10-15 working days. They must be trying to avoid my phone calls obviously.

13 June 3.30 am EDT: I write a review on mouthshut and a blog.
Going off to sleep now... Will update the progress.

Lesson to be learnt- Never ever pay online before checking the authenticity of the website and well if you find no complaints anywhere and you are the first one to be doomed, hard luck. But please please warn others.


oldmonk said...

feel sorry for you ;)

sawan said...

:( u cud bring a cake, balloons and teddy wen u come visit Jiya :)

wen u comin?

u got so many chinese frenz? :O

于庭 said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

pRasad said...

Hey.. Same thing happened with me.. Not with this website though.. I am going to write my next post on it.. Only difference is I spent almost 33000 Rupees to buy laptop & get delivery after 2 days & then found the owner of that shop cheats ppl . I lodged police complaint.. I can imagine what you must have gone through..


Sorry for you, i felt the same when i bought mobile in Delhi. After paying the bill, i noticed the product was not working and dealer was not accepting it and asked me to visit service center. After 15 days, i even lost that mobile during Delhi and Chennai IPL match in Feroz cotla Statium, Delhi.

All are cheating....

Monalisa said...


yes, true, we should be checking the authenticity of the site before we make payment.

Thank you for sharing.

Chander Sharma said...

Thanks Athi for generating awareness. You dont know me. I just got link of your blog on a friend's post on Facebook. I too got cheated by Gold Gym and I am going to write a review for that now