Friday, May 8, 2009

Engaged?? Why?

Engaged?? Why? Suddenly? And arranged? Are you nuts? So here I spill the beans.

I’m at a juncture of life when I have been wild and crazy and impulsive and its not that I don’t want to be all that again or will never be, but I’m glad I have found someone who I feel will be glad to do all that with me. And that truly is a blessing! I have met men, been with them and the harsh reality is almost all men are chauvinistic, its just that some men’s chauvinism hits you sooner and with some it takes time to surface.

My man is not very different from all men, but I love the fact that he loves me for what I am. I‘m very strong willed and its such a relief that he is not intimidated by it, but is glad that he doesn’t have to think for me. Wedding is due next year. Long engagement. Fun at times, also sad cos we stay far apart and don’t get to see much of each other. But it has been worth the wait. Its more like I have found a partner not a spouse :) and that’s ulti-cool. And yes, I'm glad he has a life of his own, very much like me and they overlap frequently but do not coincide.
Also my respect for arranged marriages has gone up. But I still strongly believe that you should be in it cos you want to be, not for any other reason whatsoever. And yes, I want to be here now.

Gushing through the thrills of a long courting period. And have to get back to my daily life...what with all the ceremonies and travelling... it’s been one heck of a month. Will start writing soon… no inspiration as of now and still recovering from the shock of finally getting committed. ;)

As scary as 'forever' might sound...
Sometimes some things should be forever and the beauty is in the timelessness !


rebel said...

Committed ?!?
Wilder thoughts,strange deeds as always ???
Its up to U,but u may have to answer indeed .

Dont make things too mixed up trying to differenciate between his possessiveness/love as this is an entirely new scenario you never faced before and its the most fierceful opponent in your life !!!

Getting ?? ..... Thanks :)

Vinnie said...

only one word...Congrats!

sawan said...

thths the best post i read from u :) congraaatulations dear :) alrite so wen is the party?? Novotel, Ista or Krishna? :P

athi said...

thanks for ur wishes guys :)

Anonymous said...

I guess...Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
Have a good time. :)

athi said...

@old monk totally agree! :P

Sabarish Chandrasekharan said...

totally agree your views on sandeep.. he is an ultimate cool dude..

SANTOSH said...

Still in Shock?
Shock is yet to come..
Just kidding...
Sandy s cool!