Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Becoming Extinct

I have always had lot of friends. That’s a blessing. It truly is. But when most of your friends are acquaintances and you know almost everybody around, it makes life quite irking at times. It was such a moment that changed things for me. In school, I had a small group of friends, I was happy and then in college, suddenly, I knew more people than necessary, and well life turned into quite a mess. It was unorganized, confusing and more people had to be pleased. Well, I’m not exactly the sort of person who does things to please people but I like being good to people. So well being constantly good, can be such a pain. As it happens, when you know too much people there is a larger gossip base and that’s not really good. Not that I care, I’m not answerable to anybody but my parents. But yes, sometimes some things do hurt you, and when people you think are friends talk about you like that, you begin questioning yourself. Especially when you are working, I would rather be talked about for my work than any other stuff. But well I realized not too late, that the key was to know less people, to become invisible and wow, after a year of constant work on that I have finally achieved some success. I know like 20-30 people in Hyderabad (and I’ve been here for almost a year!) in total, out of which I can call a selected six as good friends. It’s nice finally having to please less people and the best part is getting more time for yourself.

Some sure shot ways of becoming extinct thus being happy- (This is meant for people who love their private space, who wouldn’t compromise with it, for the rest... Wow…You have an easy life!! )
1. Find a place where nobody knows you and stay there. Importantly relatives.
2. Stop attending unnecessary parties, whether on a personal or professional front.
3. Talk to people, just don’t give out your number to every Tom, Dick and Harry. If you don’t talk, you can be classified as weird and well that isn’t such a good idea.
4. Be a good team player. Interact, but leave your professional interactions at office, don’t take them to a personal level. This can be a little difficult at first, but with time, you’ll become good at this.
5. Know people you are required to know. Keep relationships that are useful. This might sound selfish, but believe me, it’s good in the long run.
6. Call people when you want to. And when you don’t want to, don’t answer. This is a sure shot way of pissing people. They’ll eventually stop trying. That’s good in a way, cos it can be quite a pain when someone calls you and you are not exactly in the state of mind when you would want to talk. And when you want to call back, make excuses, you still have friends. (Don’t kill me :P I do this when I really want to be alone, which is like 90% of the times. Luckily for me, most of my friends understand.)
7. Even with close friends, its good to keep a certain level of distance, don’t share 100% of your life with anybody. Keep some stuff with you.
8. Don’t give anyone the freedom to be able to say anything to you. Especially advices. Make sure you get them only when asked. Listen, but make it clear that you are not looking for a solution. Find one yourself.
9. Indulge in hobbies and interests which lesser people take up. Like pole dancing, welding, black magic, stuff like that. You‘ll discover that most of the people in the class with you will be weirdoes hence easier invisibility. Even reading works, since this doesn’t require a second party.
10. Call people you are not likely to meet, far friends. You meet less, your bond grows stronger. And then when you do meet sometimes, it is beautiful.
11. Hang out with people you genuinely like, don’t follow the rut and stay with a crowd for the sake of being in a group. It is better being alone than forcing yourself to forgive, forget and ignore 24 7.
12. Try to stick with a smaller group, even if you have one. Lesser people, lesser networking.
13. Try and gel with most of the crowd. Resistance gets you noticed. But of course, if things don’t work out your way, you must react, even if it gets you some flak.
14. Do things you really want to do. Don’t keep them for tomorrow. If you want to sleep 20 hours, do it today. If you want to bunk office and watch a movie, do it.
15. Don’t make promises. Coffee, movie no nothings. If you really feel like it, call someone who’ll come on a short notice, better still, go alone.
16. Spend some hard earned cash. It’s a great energy booster. You feel wonderful and light at heart.

Life isn’t about drinking, partying or screaming attention, it’s about enjoying what you do. If a book gives you pleasure, fuck the crowd, get a cup of coffee and get started.


eldhosem said...

You have this awesome skill to put thoughts running through our minds, on paper...

Makes me feel so lucky :)

athi said...

hehe...yea rite! :P

sawan said...

welding?? pole dancing?? :P

tht was one lonnnnng list of advices! :)

wutz happening??

One Bizarre Scribe said...

looks like a lot of thought n personal experience went into that blog, or rather the other way round. though it might sound selfish once in a while, quite true. just one question, what happens if everybody starts doin the same?

athi said...

@Bizarre Scribe- world wud be such an easier place.. :P
@sawan- jus a choice to ppl who wud want to experiment :)

parthan said...

i ve been reading all ur blogs.....but on dis one ....u missed it.....atleast i feel so.....may be u are at the wrong end of the perception....or may be u were confused when scripting this......but as some1 already said u have dat cheeky attitude of fitting even the most worst(deliberately improvised) or cruel of things in the most sweetest lines possible.........

parthan said...

but hey its not over......there are some of the other few blogs which were really gr8 to go through......say for eg;PAIN......some of ur invented idioms like THICK SKINNED CONSCIENCE.... they make a lot of ....sense.... when u cum up with these types of phrases.....good...go on....