Monday, November 3, 2008

Born wild

Some are born to be wild …
I’ m one of them
I climbed up the mountains, swam the rivers, walked through the plains
I trod in search of an end …
Always wanting to reach the next turn, curious what shall come
But I did things differently …
I succumbed to fears, ambitions and wants
However wild … however unaccepted
I wasn’t afraid ... I never cared...
I met people, learnt from them and moved on
I committed my own mistakes and matured
Not from those of those around me
I shall satisfy my cravings
I shall do the same everyday
And then I‘ll reach the end someday
I‘ll grow old
But I‘ll be happy with my journey
I’ll be happy with the wrinkles on my face worn with sun, rains and storms
I‘ll be happy that I danced, cried, smiled, gorged, fell and rose
All for myself
And that shall make my life worthwhile


sawan said...

interesting. Athi - The WIld Factor! :-)

Maybe you finally found out why you are moving out of relationships. Maybe you are too much in love with yourself and dont want to share this love with others! Maybe you are scared of oosing yourself for others!

what ever, enjoy your life and share your books :-) i still din get "message in a bottle"!

Travis Musicbox said...

I am enjoy you poem....

Karunakaran Prasad said...

Thanks for the blog comments. Its time you update yours too. :)

athi said...

@sawan i ll give it to u !!
@travis thanx a ton :)